Traveling with young children – what you need to know

Traveling with young children – what you need to know

What do you start when you’re done traveling with young children many may think, when you tell them that you are leaving your own country for a while. Of course there are points that you can run into, but traveling with small children is also ideal. I give you all the tips for a nice trip.

Going on a trip when the kids are still small

Traveling with young children is fun and I am certainly not saying that everyone should do that spontaneously, but I am writing from my own experience today how much fun it is to travel with young children. Traveling with young children, a holiday with children, for one a dream and for the other a nightmare. Isn’t it hard to travel when the kids are so young??

Yes, that is absolutely true, but there are also a lot of benefits and today an article why this can be so much fun. R

Vacation with children

In 2011 we traveled for seven months through America and Canada in a camper. Our children were three and one years old at the time. I had made long journeys of a year and six months before, but always with my sister and never with my husband and children. This journey is still one we cherish. The time you can spend together, this time will not come back.

And now I’m not saying that everyone who reads this should just take a sabbatical for seven months. Because it’s not about how long you’re gone, it’s about the memories you make

Advantages of traveling with young children

What are the advantages when you go on a trip or on vacation and the children are still young?

Children are flexible

Young children can sleep anywhere, in the buggy, carrycot, car seat, camper or baby carrier. Don’t let your child determine the day with his or her naps, you will notice how easy children are to sleep in a different environment.

You are out all day

In the first three years, all four of us were often ill, but in America and Canada we have not been ill for a day, not a cold, nothing. Logical, because we saw few others than the four of us, there were no playgroups and childminders, but we were also always outside. It’s almost impossible to get healthier.

Children make contact easily

How often our children have not been photographed by strangers, but also how often you start a conversation through the children, is unbelievable. We were also an exception for the Americans and Canadians by traveling for so long.’ As a result, you always had a chat, but you also got inspiration to visit places or to make the trip different than previously thought.

Children need very little

Children can be content with so little. And only then do you discover what they actually have a lot of toys at home. When you are traveling around in a camper, you have little space, so the boys had few toys, but had a great time.

Half way through the journey they were lucky and received a whole box full of cars from someone we met at a campsite.

Kids are cheap

Kids are cheap when you travel. You don’t pay for small children at a campsite, entrance is often free and in terms of food and drink they cost a lot less than older children.

Are there also disadvantages

Certainly there are also disadvantages when your children are still so young during a trip. A child needs rhythm. Our days were always a bit influenced by the afternoon naps of the youngest, because falling asleep in the back carrier was possible, but not every day. You also have to take into account the distances you drive and walk with young children.

Our oldest was out of the pram at a young age, because his brother had to go in here and when we went for a walk he walked everything with his three-year-old little legs because his brother was in the back carrier.. And that you may not be able to walk everything you would like, you have to take that into account.

Handy tip

No matter how far you fly, if your child has their own seat on the plane, bring their own car seat. Not only is this better on the plane, you no longer have to rent it on the spot.

Vacation with children

I have a penchant for travelling, which I inherited from my parents and I hope to pass on to my children as well. Of course you don’t have to go far to enjoy a nice trip or holiday. If you are just as eager to travel and you have the opportunity, then a long trip with young children is recommended in my opinion and after reading this article you have questions, feel free to count them!