Toddler logic how I was surprised again

Toddler logic how I was surprised yet again

Tuesday I went to Plaswijckpark with the kids. After a tour of Dierenwijck and some outdoor playgrounds we went to the House in the Hill. A unique indoor playground where kids can climb through cupboards, build English drop towers and jump on a four-poster bed. The little man was playing wonderfully.

At one point a little boy was trying to scare my little man. My toddler surprised me by reacting to this very unexpectedly. Toddler logic, I love it.

Toddler logic

For years I've kept a list of the funny or amazing things my little guy says. Mostly interpretations of statements he has heard us say before. Lately he has been very interested in science and technology. We have to explain everything in detail and apparently sir also stores everything. In his conversations with other children, these facts then come up again.

Although other kids then sometimes look at him like they see water burning.

“It's very scary and dark in there though.”

Last Tuesday my little man was climbing in the indoor playground of Plaswijckpark. I stood with the little girl watching him climb through the closets and over the ropes. (The house in the hill is an indoor playground where they play in a life-size house with giant closets and even a huge bathtub.) At one point a little boy came up behind him. They chatted a bit and my toddler decided to crawl back into the closet to go climbing. The little boy walked up behind him and started a huge story about the dangers of the closet. “It is very scary and dark there”, I heard him say.

I was curious how my toddler would react to this. I expected that he might make the choice to go the other way then, away from the little boy. He did not let himself be known lightly though.

“My pupils get bigger in the dark.”

After the little boy added that spiders and critters also walked in the dark, my little man hit back with a scientific story. “Well, my pupils get bigger in the dark and then I can see very well.” So he totally did not see the problem of the dark and the so-called critters. Or maybe he realized that the little boy was trying to scare him. Which was not successful. I must admit that I was secretly quite proud of the knowledge he has. After all, he is only 3.5.

So he didn't just let himself go. The little boy then looked at him like he was crazy and climbed into the closet anyway. My little man totally failed to realize that the little boy, in my opinion, did not understand and climbed after it.

The two crooks played nicely for a while and then each went their separate ways again.

How does he come up with it?

You may wonder how the little guy knows that his pupils get bigger in the dark? He learned this six months ago. Together with his father he went into the dark pantry and back into the bright dining room.

Then they always watched what happened to their pupils. Apparently this has made quite an impression and so he now uses that to his advantage. Handy anyway?

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