From problem zone to comfort zone! With Styling Tips

From problem zone to comfort zone! With styling tips

Are you not always completely satisfied with what it looks like, you have the idea that your hips are too wide and your belly too present? Today I share my styling tips with you! Let’s all of them problem zone come to comfort zone!

My style

What is your style? I wondered that too. I was searching and I went of a lot of black clothes, many jeans and sweaters to a lot of color and elegant skirts.

The Bohemian clothing style and besides that I completely changed my wardrobe and put all the dark clothes away, now only dresses and skirts are hanging here in cheerful prints.

From problem zone to comfort zone!

The advantage of this bohemian clothing is that I have made my problem zone. Because what can you wear with your body or not? Now I am blessed with long slender legs and a figure that is well balanced.

Yet the kilo ’ s always immediately come on my hips.

I followed an online course about clothing and styles for a while. This was also a workbook and the following information comes from this workbook.

More tips for Bohemian clothing: Look here for inspiration

Styling Tips

Wide hips:

This is often in combination (not always) with larger buttocks

  • Wear wide pants
  • Wear long jackets or cardigans
  • Wearing striking tops and pants/skirt in basic color
  • Tailored jackets
  • Following the shape of your hips, this can be a pencil skirt or wide skirt.
  • No accents at hip height, such as stitching or bags.
  • Jackets, sweaters etc. end up at hip height
  • Skirts

Fuller belly:

  • Spacious tops/ blouses
  • vest/ jacket in striking color and print
  • Shirts of Juke with Meet dust round the belly/ waist
  • Tunics
  • Accent on legs and decolte
  • Vertical seams around waist and belly
  • Wide waist band with skirts and pants
  • Tight clothing
  • T Shirts Tight to Benden
  • Pockets
  • Double-breasted jackets.

Wear what you feel good about

If you have found your style, then construct this. Wear the clothing that looks good on you and that you feel good about. Wear what you like and make sure your problem zone becomes your comfort zone, because what you wear radiate you!