Let your child be a child about parenting and obligations

Let your child be a child, about parenting and obligations

Let you child be a child. It may sound easy, but how often do we expect too much from a child, how often do we want them to be able to do things that they may not yet be able to do or want to do?. Because wanting is also a part of being a child.

How I experience it I will tell you in this article.

A day out of school

Last week both boys had a fever for a day. The oldest on the weekend. The youngest on a weekday at school. They weren’t really sick.

They had a fever, were tired, didn’t want to eat anything. Reason for me to keep the youngest home from school for a day.Actually this didn’t come out at all ( when does a sick child come out?) . He had cito tests, had to study for his table test and had to swim the last time before the test swim. All things that ‘ had to’. But one day he was lying on the couch, under a blanket, being sick.

He‘d have to‘t do anything for a while. Those kids have to do a lot. Tests, learning and homework, playing soccer and swimming. At some point it stops. There are days when they don’t even have time to play.

Children. Let them be children for a while.

Children indicate when they ‘re tired’ are tired

During the autumn vacations the youngest mentioned for the first time that he had such a headache. I watched this at first. But when the headache remained, I read about it on the Internet.

I discussed all possible causes, ‘No there were no problems at school’. I sent him to bed on time for a few days and we even went to the ophthalmologist to have his eyes tested. But all this was just the reason for his headache. Meanwhile it was Christmas break and we just did nothing for two weeks.

After these two weeks he hasn’t indicated a headache. So it must have been the hustle and bustle of it all. A child just has a lot to do too.

obligations for a child

Children ‘ have to’ so much. A child has cito tests, table tests, learning for history and geography, swimming lessons, soccer practice and a game on Saturday. In June last year the youngest got his A diploma. In November the B diploma’s would be distributed. Judging from previous experiences I thought he would be allowed to swim off.

This party did not go on, however, and according to the swim instructor, the youngest was stressing the entire lesson for underwater swimming. We then agreed that if he did not finish swimming in February, we would stop swimming lessons. After all, he already has his A diploma, swims fine in my opinion and please don’t let swimming lessons stress him out even more.

Children, let them be children for a while

As I write this it is Sunday, tomorrow he has his table test. We’ve been practicing for weeks. Tuesday he has test swim and then we will hear if he can swim off. And whether he can swim off or not, we’ll stop it anyway.

Tuesdays will then be a little quieter again. There are days they get out of school, learn and do homework, eat, play soccer and go to bed. There are days they don’t have time to play.

I try to watch out for this and let them be children for a little while longer. Playing is also good for development. I don’t find it strange that they were both sick for a week. A few more weeks and it’s vacation. We’ll take it easy again then.

Not having to do anything. I watch over them in that regard like a mother hen. I let them be children for a while. later they have to do more than enough.

How is that at your house? Do the children (unconsciously) have to do so much or can they still be children for a while??