LEGO Ninjago movie- taking a party to the cinema

LEGO Ninjago movie- taking a party to the cinema

When exactly he saw it, I don’t remember. I think at the beginning of this year. For what transpired, in September the LEGO Ninjago movie would be coming to theaters.

His birthday was at the beginning of October, so for him it had been decided for months that he would go to the LEGO® movie for his birthday party. And so it happened. Immediately a fun tip for fall break.

Big fans

That they are LEGO® fans is obvious. Now that their room has been changed to a cool boys’ room, the LEGO® table is gone, but the buildings are still in the closet. They are members of the LEGO® life magazine and from the money the son got for his birthday, he bought a robot from the LEGO® Movie.

Where to go with the birthday party this year

In recent years we went the birthday parties to Monkey Town. Super fun! But since he had seen that the LEGO Ninjago movie would be coming to theaters in September, he knew it. This is where he would go with his birthday party.

Now his friends are also LEGO® fans so that came out nicely.

Arrange the cinema

Usually about three weeks before his birthday we write the invitations. Tricky this time, because I did not know at all if and where the film would run. The invitations were written though with the note that the time could still change. The film premiered at the end of September and the party was at the beginning of October.

Half a week before the party I called the cinema, asking if I could keep the time of the weekend earlier. I was told to send an email, this was done and then the time was fixed for us. ideal. Well I could pass on the time and start making plans.

Poffertjes and gifts’s

The day itself we started the birthday party for our eight year old with poffertjes and the presents’s. After playing with LEGO® we left with two cars to the cinema. Here we took a children’s party package and were allowed to fill out a list, so at the break there was a crate ready with the ordered popcorn, chips and drinks.

What is the LEGO Ninjago movie about?

In this great Ninjago movie adventure, young Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, joins his friends in the battle for Ninjago City. Lloyd and his friends are secret warriors and LEGO® master builders and led by the wise and witty Sensei Wu, they must defeat Lord Garmadon. This evil warlord is not only the most horrible man ever, but also Lloyd’s father.

During an epic battle between the mechs and father and son, the brave but still undisciplined ninjas are forced to put aside their egos and work together to unleash their inner forces.

What did the kids ( and we) think of the movie

Last year we went to the LEGO® Batman movie, which we (the parents) found a bit disappointing. So I was very curious about this film. It started out very surprising and soon you were in the middle of the story. A story full of suspense, action and of course Ninjago. Getting married never knew this was a city.

In the middle of the movie, a sudden funny and surprising twist occurs. The kids were excited and delighted by the movie and couldn’t stop talking about it. The birthday boy asked his friends for money and bought the robot of one of the main characters, Garma Mecha Man

Tip for the autumn holidays

See the film’s trailer here and read all about it here. Highly recommended to go here in the autumn vacations.