Lego Life magazine is your child already a member of this free magazine

Lego Life magazine, is your child already a member of this free magazine

Do you know Lego Life? Previously called the Lego Club, it’s now all a bit more interactive. Sign your child up and every few months they get it Lego Life magazine, absolutely free.


Here at home it’s Lego before and Lego after. The boys both have a Lego construction table in their room, where they build, play and invent stories with Lego. Occasionally buying their own Lego® when they have saved up, with their pocket money.

I think the beauty of Lego® is that the boys can put all their imagination into this. They build existing things, but also very often build new things from the blocks they have. Their whole room is full and although it sometimes makes me sick, I enjoy the fun they have with Lego® even more.

Join Lego Life for free

So becoming a member of Lego Life magazine was actually quite logical. By chance I came across it once. Back then it was called the Lego® Club.

The eldest then became a member of the Lego® Club. This has now changed in jet Lego Life Magazine. LEGO Life magazine is a super fun and FREE magazine for kids from 5 to 9 years old.

It’s full of comics, activities, sneak peeks, the latest LEGO news, posters and so much more! In addition, it is delivered to your door four times a year for FREE.

It is very easy. All you have to do is sign up your child and the first magazine will fall into your mailbox by itself.

The comments

The boys are wildly enthusiastic about the magazine. Sadly, it’s the last year for the youngest, but what fun they’ve had here.

On behalf of the boys I say; do you have a Lego® fan in the house. Then you really should sign him or her up, it’s too much fun!