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Review – Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Nintendo Switch

How nice is it to put your worries aside every now and then and walk around on your own island? This is now possible! With Animal crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch.

A new game for the whole family.

Animal Crossing: New Arrivals

The boys here in the house are fans of the Nintendo Switch. In addition to games such as Yoshi’s Crafted World, Super Smash Bros ultimate and Luigi’s Mansion 3, they also play a lot of Fortnite on it. I also use the Nintendo Switch every day for sports (ring fit adventure) and for my daily dose of Brain Training.

We also play together. For example with Super Mario Party. With Animal Crossing: New Horizons we have also found a game that we all really like.

A sweet game about building and living on an uninhabited island, where you can make your place.

The game for the Nintendo Switch

In mid -February we received a message about Animals Crossing: New Horizons and watched a video on Facebook. We were already very enthusiastic then and could not wait until March 20. That was the day that the game would come out for the Nintendo Switch.

And when the game was there we could immediately start building our own existence on our own island.

The game:

It’s time to enjoy your own unique island life. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for the Nintendo Switch, players leave for a remote island to turn it into their own paradise. This by exploring, forming and adjusting it.

You start making a new life on the island, including various activities. think of setting up a tent, making tools, making adjustments, exploring and meeting new and returning animal residents.

There is plenty to experience on the island: with a growing number of animal inhabitants, each with their own personality and doing their own things on the island. Friendly animals like Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy are at their service and happy to help you grow your community, upgrade your home and decorate it with furniture and accessories – some of which you can design or customize to your own taste.

The island life on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

On the island, time passes just like in the real world, but you can be as lazy or active as you like. Camping under the starry sky, building a house, laying paths and bridges, it just depends on what you’re looking for. The more you do, the more you will discover. Catch fish and insects collect materials to expand the island’s amenities, or build to attract even more residents.

Even the smallest thing can lead to something huge. The island changes as the seasons alternate. In the summer there are plenty of insects and fish, in the fall the mushrooms shoot out of the ground, in the winter you can make snowmen and in the spring the flowers are in full bloom. Unique events also take place throughout the year.

On such days you can expect special visitors and all kinds of activities.

The beginning of the game

When you start with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you get a clear explanation. You create a name for yourself and your island and you can decide where and on which island you want to live. You can choose from the northern or southern hemisphere. We chose the northern hemisphere, so that we have the seasons as we are used to.

We looked for a nice place and got a tent. Then the adventure begins. You can catch butterflies with a net, fish with a fishing rod and get wood, fruit and branches by shaking a tree. But watch out for the wasp nests!

With stone, wood, weeds and more that you find and catch you can make new objects at the service desk. Think of an axe, chair or bird house.

Nice to know

What is important is to pay off your debts as soon as possible (you make these in the beginning, because you don’t have any money yet), because then you can start building your own house. Also give five insects and fish to Tom Nook at the service counter as soon as possible. If you give him five creatures, he suddenly gets a call from his old friend Blathers.

The next day, Blathers shows up in his little makeshift museum tent, and if you keep donating, you’ll eventually unlock the Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum. I read this and more tips on the site: 22 tips to know before you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Be sure to read this before you start the game.

Island life

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons it is important that you often come online, logically of course. Occasionally you walk around aimlessly on the island, but there is actually something to do every time. For example, you can search for raw materials, for objects, but there will also be ‘assignments’ that you must fulfill.

You will receive visitors on certain fixed days. For example, after a few days on the island, a shipwrecked man arrived on the beach, Gulliver, for whom we had to find parts of his telephone. For example, there is a lot of variety in assignments and actions.

You notice that you are getting faster and faster in operating the keys, so that you can switch between a slingshot to shoot gifts from the air, a pole to jump to the other islands or a fishing rod to catch fish.

Review - Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Nintendo Switch

A nice game to dream away for a while

It is of course a coincidence that this game is coming out now, but it is a very nice change in this difficult and anxious time. Get away from reality every now and then and travel to your island, that’s possible with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I think it’s a very nice game, especially because it’s so lovely, you feel like you’re on an island, do some assignments and get away from it all for a while.

I can definitely recommend it.

New free update April 23:

More updates

There will also be updates to the game during the summer months. In July we can take a dip in our very own island paradise!