Art heroes the book for children interested in art

Art Heroes, the book for children interested in art

The holiday months are coming up again. Besides Sinterklaas and Christmas, we also have the eldest's birthday. That's why I'm always busy with presents well before December . A very nice gift tip for young artists is the book Art Heroes.

I'll tell you why.

Illustration course

Because of my creativity and the Illustration course I take, my desk is always full of paint brushes, paints and canvases. The boys have always been drawing. And since I do more with this myself, they have also become much more enthusiastic.

For example, this summer we were at the Mauritshuis. Here we just looked at the paintings with real interest. But we also enjoyed following Project Rembrand.

Gifts they don't expect

Besides the holidays we also have a birthday for the eldest son. I like to think of something myself in addition to the wishes on the lists. The book Kunsthelden is inspiring me to buy him paint rags and painting supplies this time around.

But this book is also a super gift tip, by the way.

Art heroes: explorers of Dutch art

Art Heroes is a new, inspiring art book for children. This book is an ode to the creative thinking and perseverance of a number of Dutch artists, from the Middle Ages to today. The book is a voyage of discovery through the art and creative minds of 22 artists.

Art Heroes is the children's art book

Kunsthelden is the children's art book that tells about (world) famous Dutch artists who decided to color outside the lines, sought out the boundaries and discovered new horizons in the process. On the basis of 22 clever, headstrong, daring, ingenious and sometimes completely random ideas by Dutch artists, you can really read and experience how art has developed here to what it is today. The stories are about the ingenuity of Dutch artists and the development of Dutch art from the 15th century to the present day.

Accompanying these art hero stories are countless facts, trivia and hands-on tasks. It takes children into the world of a number of artists and lets them discover how these artists changed our view of the world with their brushes, pencils and cameras … And became art heroes!

Art Heroes is playful, interactive and educational at the same time, with a different perspective on creativity, talent and success!

Why Art Heroes?

The rapidly changing society has created a gap between what young people learn at school and what they really need to become creative, flexible and empathetic adults; creative thinking skills. "Art is the ideal medium through which to stimulate these skills. It stimulates the imagination, inspires, opens your eyes, broadens your horizons and gives you the opportunity at an early age to put yourself in someone else's shoes and to reflect on it," says Barbara Jonckheer, the author of this beautiful children's book.

Art Heroes teaches children to look differently at Dutch visual art and encourages them to get to work themselves. Barbara: "The works of art in the book can be seen 'on display' in a Dutch museum. And: in each chapter you can do something creative, so that as a reader you can really get into the skin of the artist!"

With Art Heroes Barbara wants to let children experience that everyone is creative and convince them that art helps to keep developing your imagination. It was not for nothing that Albert Einstein said: 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.'

Review: what do we think of Art Heroes.

The boys' first reaction was; ‘Huh, I really do recognize some artists’. 22 artists are each described in a fun and easy-to-read manner. At the end of each ‘artist’ is a: ‘I can do that too’ and the little art heroes get to work.

So they can look for Avercamp's Winter Landscape including the beer brewer or the graffiti tag written about in the chapter. In the chapter on Piet Mondrian they get to make their own Piet Mondrian.

In the chapter about Vincent van Gogh they can go outside to paint nature. And at Escher's they are challenged to draw an impossible triangle. There are fun, surprising facts in the book. It provides inspiration.

Art Heroes is really once success here, the boys are busy all afternoons reading and drawing, photographing, the search sheets and all the challenges.