Personal Shopping- let a stylist help you with your clothing style

Personal Shopping- let a stylist help you with your clothing style

Do you have enough clothes in your closet, but nothing to wear? Are you busy and do not have time to look at online clothing sites? Or do you want to know what your style of clothing actually is.

Then maybe Personal Shopping is for you!

Buying clothes in the store or online

At the moment it may not feel good to go out shopping. Then it is easy to do your shopping online. Yet this is sometimes quite difficult? Maybe you are very busy and have no time to browse site by site for the latest fashion items.

Or maybe you don't know what you are looking for. For what is your clothing style, what do you like to wear?

A whole new style of clothing

I have long searched for my own style. As a teenager I used to wear jeans and sweaters, but later I more often wore dresses and skirts. Until the kids came along, then I started wearing pants more often. Now the kids are older and I am getting older and actually I was looking for my own identity.

Who am I and what am I wearing? Last year I lost a lot of weight and my clothes were usually very loose. It was about time to get some new clothes in my closet.

The Bohemian Style

It all started with a dress I bought. A maxi dress in the bohemian style and then I realized, that this is the style of clothing, which I feel beautiful and good in. Nowadays I wear more and more long wide skirts, lots of prints and colors, wide shirts, dresses with trumpet sleeves, lots of jewelry and a colorful scarf in my hair.

With the bohemian style anything goes. As long as you feel good in it. If it makes you more beautiful than you already are.

And maybe this is exactly why I traded in my dark and black clothes for a colorful and bright style. This is the style that makes me feel good, feminine and confident.

Discover personal shopping

Do you know what your style is? And can you also find this in the store or online? Or do you have no idea what your style is and would like some help with this.

Maybe you don't like shopping at all and would prefer someone else to do it for you?? Or are you so busy with work and family or study, that you do not have time to spend hours searching websites for fun fashion?? Then Personal Shopping and a Zalon box might be for you!

Your outfit selected and delivered to your home

At the Zalon box you indicate what you are looking for, for what occasion, the budget and your sizes. A personal shopper goes to work for you. There is consultation, choices and clothing advice with you. The outfits are delivered to your home, so no hassle with fitting rooms in the store. Just trying on in your own environment, how nice is this?

And with each clothing box, your stylist gets to know you even better, so the clothing advice will be even more personalized.

Ideal for you!

Are you not so sure of your clothing style, would you like some clothing advice or try a whole new style. Have a party, but no idea what to wear? Then maybe Personal Shopping is not so crazy after all!