Celebrating a holiday in your own garden

Celebrating a holiday in your own garden tips for a wonderful time at home

Whether we can go on holiday at home again this year is still uncertain, but celebrating a holiday in our own garden will certainly succeed. How? Today I give you the ultimate tips for a wonderful time at home, even if you are your house and garden in the meantime might be tired of.

Turn the garden your garden

If we stay at home this summer, then of course we hope for a warm, sunny summer, in which we can spend a lot outside. Hopefully with more people than just our family. That is why it is best to do your garden first if you have a holiday in your own garden this year is also a possibility for you.

And if not, then a refurbished garden where you can relax is of course always nice!

Choose the right parasol

When refurbishing the garden, the warm summers of the last years – it is wise to think about shadow places first. Where can you provide shade in the garden? Do you have different places where you can sit? Where do you put a parasol and which parasol do you choose?

There is of course a lot of choice in parasols, in terms of color and size, but also in shape. You can opt for a standard garden umbrella, but perhaps a wall parasol or a solero Fratello (tilting whirligig) in your garden is much more convenient in your garden.

Garden furniture

Now that the shadow places are arranged, the right garden furniture is the turn. Because if we still spend a holiday in our own garden, or on a nice couch. Maybe it’s time to buy that lounge set, which you’ve been watching for a long time or barbecuing a nice table for many evenings.

Finally, it is wonderful to stay outside in the garden on sultry summer evenings and it gets a bit cold outside, then you ensure a cozy fireplace in the garden.

Outdoor toys.

The garden is now arranged, the holiday can start in you. Perhaps it is not at all wrong to look for an inflatable swimming pool in time. Don’t wait for this until celebrating in your own garden becomes reality, but make sure you already have it at home.

Look immediately for some nice cheerful toys for the pool. Celebrating a holiday in your own garden, can of course also be pulled a little further than just in and around the house. Why don’t you look for a field in your area where you can play those games, which you would normally also do at the campsite at home or abroad.

Think of jeu de boules or badminton.

Eat and drink

That camping feeling brings back during the vocational celebration in your own garden is wonderful, but also during the sunny evenings and at the weekend it is of course nice to stay outside. In addition to a good stable dining table where you can enjoy the evenings together with the family food, you also have plates, cups and cutlery for outside. For example, choose brightly colored campsite signs.

This is so much easier, children can run past the table and put something down, but it is also so much happier and gives that holiday feeling.

Cheerful colors in and around the house

Vacation in and around the house is that ultimate holiday feeling. You often get this feeling by applying colors. Colors just give those extra summer tones to your house and garden.

Choose cheerful cushions on the lounge sofa, planters in cheerful colors with flowering plants, but also don’t forget the decoration of the garden. A nice poster or photo of a distant holiday trip is also super nice on the perhaps boring wall of the shed or the fence.

Although we will stay at home this year

We just have to make sure we can make it a nice holiday. And is this holiday in your own garden, make sure it is completely to your liking. And not only with a functional parasol and dining table.

But also ensure that decoration that makes the garden, your garden.