Game tips for rainy days

Play tips for rainy days

The last few weeks it has been raining regularly, the wind has been blowing and it is getting colder and colder. Of course it is part of the season but sometimes you get a little tired of it. Most kids like to be active and that is easier outside than inside.

When it rains for days on end boredom sometimes strikes. So time for some fun game tips for rainy days. Use materials that we all have at home and that can be varied in many ways.

Game tips for rainy days

With the bad weather our little man sometimes suffers from boredom. He likes to be active and prefers to do that outside. Unfortunately that’s not always possible so I thought of some fun, easy to do, indoor games.

Airplane Racing

I stuck four long pieces of painter’s tape on the floor. You can also masking tape for use, just what you have in the house. On each stripe I wrote a number, 1,2,5 and 10 respectively. Next I folded some simple airplanes out of colored paper.

We took a few steps back and both threw an airplane. The trick is of course to throw your airplane as far as possible. Throw it all the way behind the last line and you get ten points.

With small children, throwing an airplane alone is quite an art. With older kids you can really get to grips with the scoring.

Throwing straws

Have you ever thought of throwing straws? Did you know that is really grossly disappointing? Did you know you can play a fun game with that??
We used the same tape stripes as above but this time we threw straws instead of airplanes. Each player gets 5 straws of the same color. Now try to throw your straws, taking turns, as far as possible.

Again, the throwing in itself is difficult. My little man, however, found it quite a challenge. Although of course mom was not allowed to win.

blowball game

Yes, a new word for gallows; bellows game. Again, this is just another extension of the games above. This time I made a small ball from a wad of aluminum foil.

The Little Guy And I Both Grabbed A Straw. The Intention was to blow through the straw against the ball. This is how we tried to blow the ball over the stripes.

We just ended up making a soccer game out of them. We Both Blew Through The Straw To Blow the Ball Into The Other’s, Imaginary, Goal. It Costs You Some Blue Knees But Then You Have Fun With Your Kids.

Ow, and some drool Stains on your Floor. My Toddler was Rather Furious Blowing Through The Straw. With the necessary drool marks, but hey, we had fun.

Game Tips For Rainy Days

So You Can Come Up With Fun Games To Do Indoors With A Few Simple Materials. You can also, For Example, Roll a Ball As Far as Possible, A Car or Throw Sandbags. The Possibilities are endless.

ESpeciate Let Your Kids Think About Game Ideas.

Do you have any fun tips to extend this game form? What do you do when it rains for days on end?

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