Holiday tip at Zeilkamp at Zeilschool

Holiday tip: at sailing camp at sailing school ’ t Garijp in Friesland

Sailing at the Frisian sailing school ‘t Garijp is great for children. From Maxi and Mini holiday camps for the Maxis and Minis among us. Sailing, supping, kiting, windsurfing, “water rats” experience the time of their lives here.

Is a sailing camp for Jour children?

Sailing camp at the Frisian ‘ t Garijp

The home of ‘t Garijp is a more than two hundred year old and beautifully renovated farmhouse in the village of Goingarijp – how could it be otherwise – Friesland. It is on the Goingarijpster Poelen and the Sneekermeer, between Joure and Terherne. The location is of course perfect for the best outdoor holiday weeks.

You are already inspired? Hereby the bucket list summer vacation activities of ‘t Garijp for you at a glance.

Schippers van de Kameleon (6-12 years)

Who doesn’t know them, the famous and infamous twins of blackshamer from the Frisian village of Lenten. On NPO 3, the new Kameleon series is currently being sent to the popular children’s book series of Hotze de Roos. But not only Sietze and Hielke experience adventures this summer. “T Garijp organizes a real skippers from the Kameleon Vakantiekamp. Kids learn to swing rope here for a week, pole vault jumping, riddles and mysteries.

Also an island expedition, treasure search and a visit to the Kameleondorp Terherne should of course not be missing. Plenty of tension and sensation, action and adventure.

Board Camp (from 12 – 17 years old)

Windsurfing, sailing, supping, kite surfing …. The Board Camp is the ultimate combi of cool and cool water sports that your kids will master this summer. Real water lovers between 12 and 18 years old start the adventure and learn all the ins and outs about these different water sports in a week. Do you dare the combination between good kite, power kits and on a board?

Or do you learn the originally from Hawaii Sport Suppen (stand up paddling) and you will soon be just as well windsurfing as Olympic champion Dorian Van Rijsselberghe? No worries, also sailing is part of this camp!

Sailing, water skiing and windsurfing

Make the first sailing hours in an optimist? Or control a topaz uno or laerling? ‘T Garijp teaches your kids the tricks of sailing. However, the sailing camps are not on their own.

Kids who love action and above 12 can also go to a windsurf camp or on Sneekermeer a day full of tough other water activities. Time to try out water skiing or wake boarding this summer and to subdue fun materials such as the banana, the band and the Ringo Fly to an ultimate test.

About ‘ t Garijp

Watersportcentrum ‘t Garijp has been the leading sailing school in Friesland since 1968. ‘T Garijp has been organizing unforgettable sailing camps for 50 years. But not only that, you can also go to t Garijp for various other water sports activities.

In addition to sailing, the water sports center also offers individual sailing courses for adults. All under the guidance of a recognized instructor.

Summer vacation

My boys will see this summer vacation, in addition to camping with the tent, one of their wishes and spending a few days at Zeilschool ‘ t Garijp. By that time I will of course keep you informed of their adventures. Do you now also have children who want to spend one or more days on the Frisian lakes?

Take a look at the site of sailing school ’ t Garijp, here you will find all the options, dates and more.