Positive effects of pepper sauce and a delicious recipe

Positive effects of pepper sauce and a delicious recipe

Pepper sauce! Do you use it a lot? You either love it or you really don’t like it, it seems sometimes!

It makes your food nice and spicy but there are plenty of positives too. I list them today!

A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is no longer a trend in 2019, but a switch to new habits. We see the need for natural, plant-based and healthy foods increasing not only among the younger generation, but certainly among the elderly as well. In the preparation of our food, more and more attempts are being made to reduce salt, sugar and fat.

Frequent studies show that chilies and chili sauce have positive effects on our health and can help with a healthy lifestyle. Tabasco ® has them listed.

Healthy eating

I try to eat healthy, just like everyone else. I got it from home and became even more aware of it when I trained as a weight consultant. This is where I learned what healthy eating was and approximately how much I should eat to live a healthy life.

I am always looking for new recipes so I welcome press releases like this one about pepper sauce. Not only a clear message, but also a tasty and healthy recipe.

Low sodium

According to the nutrition center, more than 80% of the Dutch population consumes more salt than the maximum amount of 6 grams per day. Salt contains 0.4 grams of sodium per gram, making it the main source of sodium. People who want to reduce their salt intake without sacrificing flavor can replace the salt with a low-sodium product that provides heartiness.

Salt in a recipe is easily replaced by an equal amount of Tabasco® sauce. This pepper sauce is made from low-sodium (Avery Island) salt and contains only 30 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon. The spiciness will diminish when heated, but the heartiness remains and makes adding salt and pepper unnecessary.

Sugar and fat reduction

For an eating pattern that requires reducing caloric intake, limit sugar and fat in addition to salt. To preserve as much flavor, roundness and heartiness as possible, a few drops of pepper sauce can make all the difference. Tabasco® is made from ground peppers, sea salt and distilled vinegar with no additives: no sugar, no saturated fats, no preservatives, no carbohydrates, no gluten.

So the sauce is halal, kosher, vegetarian/vegan and free of genetically modified organisms.


Peppers contain capsaicin – the molecular element that produces the hot flavor. Several studies attribute many healthy workings to this ingredient. It has antibacterial properties: it relieves pain, relieves itching and makes you less likely to catch a cold. The medical trade press talks about increasing immunity, preventing gastrointestinal problems and lowering blood pressure.

It is even said to release endorphins, so it could also have a positive effect on your sense of happiness!

10 tips for a healthier diet just by using Tabasco® pepper sauce.

  1. Due to the high concentration of peppers, half the amount of ordinary pepper sauce is sufficient if Tabasco® is used.
  2. Replace salt in marinades and dressings with a few drops of Tabasco®
  3. Cook pasta in water with Tabasco® instead of salt
  4. Not everyone needs the same amount of spice and heartiness in the dish. Put a bottle of Tabasco® on the table for a flavor addition of your own.
  5. Replace pepper and salt in the stew with a few drops of pepper sauce: it will be much tastier.
  6. Pimp up your non-alcoholic cocktail with some Tabasco®. The effect will amaze you!
  7. To make pork, chicken or hamburgers more digestible, add a chopped onion, garlic and half a teaspoon of Tabasco® to a pound of meat.
  8. Replace chili oil with a few drops of Tabasco®
  9. Try Tabasco® instead of salt and pepper in an omelet or scrambled eggs (see recipe below).
  10. Vegetarian dishes get more heartiness with the use of Tabasco®

Did you now get an appetite to actually use this pepper sauce, here is a recipe of healthy salad with Avocado and scrambled eggs.