VELUX DAKAPEL- For more space in the attic

Velux Dormer window for more space in the attic

Do you have a typical 1970s house? Three bedrooms on the first floor and a fairly large attic. Is this attic large enough or do you want more space in the attic?

And how do you get this done? Here my tips.


If the bedrooms in the house are not large, or if there is no large then you have to make the choice at some point, what you are going to do. This remains a bedroom, perhaps with a loft bed with a desk for the children or you turn it into a hobby room and make sure you get more space in the attic?

More space in the attic

If you want to turn your attic into a bedroom, it can be nice when a dormer window is placed here. A dormer window provides more space in the attic. On the Velux Woon inspiration site, you will find tips and ideas about windows and dormer windows for the attic.

Hobby room

How nice would it be if you could put your hobby in your own space. This way you can find a space Hin House where you can carry out your hobby without always having to clean up everything. For example, think of crocheting and knitting super fun to do, but what a stuff you collect at some point. All the yarn, patterns, but also knitting and crochet hooks, where do you leave them?

Or do you like to tasks and would like to have all your paint items, drawing kit, papers and B books in one place? If you would like to have your own space in the house, you can think to have a Velux dormer window installed in the attic.

Velux Dormer window

Maybe you have a big attic, but not enough light or would you like more space in the attic? You could then choose from a skylight or dormer window. With a dormer window, the room immediately gets bigger. A dormer window often takes away a lot of daylight, but not with a Velux dormer window.

For example, they have the Dormer Roof Serre, where you have windows on all sides. In addition, you can opt for manual opening or electrically remotely with the control tablet. Enough possibilities.