Have your own book printed

Have your own book printed

A private book printing? Nice, but what if you're not a language nerd and aren't friends with a publisher? You may think that printing and publishing a book is not for you.

But anyone can have their own book printed and sell it through big bookstores, like Bruna, Bol.com and Mangement book.en! No publisher needed. You too can pursue your dream and print and sell your own book!

From business book to cookbook or novel

Printing and selling your own book has never been easier. You can easily arrange it online. But getting your knowledge or story down on paper is something you have to do all by yourself. So choose a subject you have a lot to do with. Already have a novel on the shelf?

Can you make the most delicious dishes and love it when others recreate your dishes from a cookbook? Whether you are an expert in your field and want to share your knowledge with others? Choose a subject on which you can easily write a book.

What kind of book do you want to print?

What choices need to be made before your book goes to print?

Having a book printed for the first time can be exciting. Before you have your book in your hands, you need to make some choices. We list the most important ones for you:

  1. How many books do you want to order?
    If you order a large quantity, then offset printing is the cheapest option. If you only have a few books printed, Printing On Demand (POD) is more economical.
  2. What do you put on the cover?
    A picture says more than a 1000 words. Making a cover is a skill in itself. What do you want your cover to say about your book?? You can choose to design your cover yourself or hire a professional.
  3. Which binding will your book get?
    How to bind your book? Hardcover, paperback, ring binder or magazine?
  4. Which paper to choose?
    The choice depends on the kind of book you want to print. A book with lots of pictures, such as a travel guide or a children's book, is printed on different paper than a novel or thriller.
  5. Do you want to print your book only or also sell it?
    If you also want to sell your book, you need to think about distribution. What platforms do you want to offer your book on?? And do you want a high print run and store it in the warehouse, or do you want a book printed per order with POD?

No publisher, but everything is taken care of

"Oy, those are some tough choices," you may be thinking. Don't be put off, because a company like Pumbo will help you from A to Z with the printing and publishing of your own book. No conditions and small print like with publishers.

You decide what happens to your book. And don't come out of? With free help from the support desk, you too can have your own book printed.