Father’s Day is time to tinker

Father’s Day is coming: Time to tinker!

By Ineke – Father’s Day is coming! And that is very exciting for many children! At school and at the daycare center there is already busy tinkering, Mama is already going to the store with the children to buy a nice gift. But it is just as much fun to tinker together at home, which Dad can look at for a long time and save for years.

But what is really nice to tinker now? And what do you need for it? Which Father’s Day crafts can you keep for a nice long time and are really worth looking back on years later?

A unique tie

… But it’s something else to be a dad!

Of course you can still decorate and color the list nicely, maybe with paint or fat chalk. These kinds of lists are also ready for sale, but how much more fun is it to make it yourself, so that it is completely the way you like it? Dad will be proud of that!

A boulder of a father!

This next craftwork is a very simple and very sweet one. What you need is a big (preferably a white) smooth boulder. Let Mama help with writing (this is also possible with a thin paint brush) of the words: “You are a rock of a father” and decorate the rest of the boulder with nice colors of paint. Dots, hearts and stars to finish the whole. How tough this is to get?

Super cool! Guaranteed that daddy is very happy with it!

Read this blog for more tips for a Father’s Day gift.

What do the children make at your school for Father’s Day? And what do you buy and tinker for him? Do you go “all out” or keep it simple?

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