Led lighting for the nursery-tips

Led lighting for the nursery-tips

A nursery and lighting! It is important where the bed is, the cabinets and is there enough play space for the kids? But besides the furniture, lighting is just as important.

Here are some tips for LED lighting in the children’s room!

Decorating the children’s room

The moment you turn the baby’s room into a nursery or the nursery into a teenager’s room are great moments. Finally, your children are entering a new phase. Often you already know what you want and you start looking for something specific. Yet the lighting is always a bit of an underdeveloped topic, where attention is paid late.

While of course this is important. And when you think of light think of LED lighting.

What is led lighting?

LED lighting is hip again! Besides being durable, it also has many possibilities. But what exactly is an led bulb? A led bulb contains small LEDs and together they provide lighting.

Led bulbs have a low efficiency, which makes them very durable. Instead of using watts, the luminosity of LED lights is measured in lumens. The higher the number is, the brighter the light of the led bulb is. Led lights are not cheap compared to other lights, but because they last much longer, the price is actually not that bad!

In addition, LED lamps are great for the nursery, because you can also get them in all kinds of different colors and shapes.

Led strips for the nursery

Nice for the nursery Led strips. These are strips on which several LEDs are placed. The possibilities are endless, and an LED strip can be very atmospheric. There are strips with a warm or cold white color, but have you ever heard of the rgb led strip?

These can emit all colors of the rainbow, so very nice for the nursery!

Lighting in the room

You not only want the lighting in the nursery to be functional, but also to look nice. You can create this effect with a led strip. For example, you can stick LED strips with motion sensor under the bed, so that they turn on when the kids get out of bed at night to go to the toilet, for example.

But also under a desk or along the baseboards LED strips are very atmospheric. The nice thing is that most rgb led strips can be controlled with a remote control, allowing children to choose a nice color themselves!

Fun and functional

Led lighting comes in different forms. Now we actually have them here in many rooms in the house, think of the bathroom, toilet and the lamps in the living room, but not in the children’s bedroom. Still, an LED strip would have been very handy when they were smaller and still wanted to turn on the big light when they went to the toilet.

If you have LED lighting with a motion sensor then that is very easy, but even now they would love an LED strip, especially because they can determine the color themselves.