Laser gaming do something different at a children’s party

Laser gaming: do something different at a children’s party

Children’s parties, what do you usually do? Each time it’s just a matter of finding what the birthday boy or girl wants to do. There is a great choice of parties and one of favorites is laser game.

And it certainly doesn’t just have to be indoors, at Gotcha.Because you can play laser tag outside.

Laser game, but outside!

Laser gaming is of course unknown to almost everyone. But usually this is indoors, short and not very cheap. You want to make a children’s party as unique as possible and laser tag can do that too!

How so? Well, just! To do it outside!

At *Gotcha Outdoor Lasergames* you and your child can have a blast by going laser gaming in the woods. A whole hour for almost the same price as 15 minutes! The older the kids get the harder it gets to come up with something new, which is why this variation on regular laser tag is the ultimate children’s party for both boys and girls!

Running and scrambling through the woods and at the end of it a nice drink and a bag of chips.

Why outdoor laser tag?

Besides the fact that outdoor laser gaming adds a whole new dimension and experience to the game for the kids, it’s also great to be outside for a while. The kids get back in nature and can let themselves go for a while. When you arrive you’ll be welcomed by an attendant who takes over from there. They get camouflage jackets and make-up. Then they go for one, one and a half or 2 hours is the forest to play laser tag depending on your booking.

Afterwards they come out of the forest, exhausted and tired, and you can take them home with you. Nice outsourced children’s party?

Safety first

I can imagine that you might be wondering about safety. The kids go laser gaming in a forest, but always there is always a safety watch by the guides. They will also receive clear instructions beforehand.

It goes without saying that safety and fun come first.

Prices for a children’s party

In the first part I mentioned that outdoor laser tagging not only takes longer than indoor laser tagging, but is also a lot cheaper! The prices of outdoor laser gaming for a children’s party are standard up to 10 children. For 1 hour you pay €100, for 1.5 hours €150 and for 2 hours €185!

Not expensive for such a fun children’s party seems to me?